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Is Japanese Knotweed Dormant?

Can Japanese Knotweed lie dormant? Japanese Knotweed is a rhizomatous plant with a modified stem system that grows underground, rendering it dormant for extended periods. This makes it practically invisible to the naked eye from up above.

Unlike the roots on a tree, each rhizome produces new nodes and sends shoots up to the surface which creates a fresh new plant. Japanese Knotweed remains dormant because of the rhizome system, which gives it a reproductive cycle and a means of survival.

Seasonal Effect

Throughout the spring, new shoots develop at a rapid rate into mature plants up to 3 feet tall, with their leaves capturing sunlight and sending nutrients into the rhizome. Throughout the winter, when the light is reduced and plants are unable to survive at ground level, the rhizome network remains dormant until the spring when the surface softens.

The rhizomatous system is not unique to the plant, many other weeds and flowers throughout the UK have developed the same feature to thrive outside of traditional forms of reproduction.

Japanese Knotweed’s nature, and its ability to remain dormant, is why it can be a heavy resource-consuming plant to eliminate.

How Long it Stays Dormant

Can Japanese Knotweed lie dormant? Japanese Knotwood can remain dormant for 20 years or more, according to the Environment Agency’s Knotweed Code of Practice. Although the government has labelled this document as outdated, the number still matches up with what treatment agencies report.

Japanese Knotweed can be forced into a dormant state via the use of glyphosate overdosing and residual herbicides. Professional, PCA-accredited Japanese Knotweed removal Stockport will use legal treatments within the recommended doses and periods. A professional will not promise a short-term solution to an infestation and will fully disclose the amount of time that it will require to successfully get rid of the plant, which varies depending on the severity.

Knotweed treatment Manchester plans can take several years to complete, with returns to the site to apply chemicals after each season to keep growth to a minimum on the road to eradication.

How Far Does Knotweed Spread When Dormant?

Japanese Knotweed does not spread whilst it is dormant either underground or above. Without any nutrients, it has zero energy to spread any further.

However, it is possible for the plant to inadvertently spread if the ground it sits in is disturbed. If rhizomes get disturbed by a gardener or any heavy machinery, the plant can come out of its dormant state and grow and spread once again. You can discover if your Knotweed is dormant by inspecting the ground for any dead stems. If you discover Japanese Knotweed on your property, you need to consult with an accredited specialist in treatment and removal.

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