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Does Japanese Knotweed Serve Any Use?

japanese knotweed identification

Does Japanese Knotweed Serve Any Use?

In many previous blog posts, we have deep-dived into why Japanese Knotweed removal Cheshire is dangerous when discovered on your property. Naturally, everything that exists has to have a use or benefit to something – and a Japanese Knotweed identification is no different. Whilst Japanese Knotweed has earned its label as Britain’s most hated plant…

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Knotweed infestation

Japanese Knotweed’s 3-meter Rule

When you look online for information regarding a Japanese Knotweed infestation and how to control it, you may read about a rule called the 3-meter rule. The 3-meter rule for Japanese Knotweed is a guideline used across the UK by mortgage lenders and surveyors when assessing property with a Japanese Knotweed infestation. It refers to…

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Is Japanese Knotweed dangerous

Is Japanese Knotweed Dangerous?

If you have heard anything about Japanese Knotweed growth, you have heard that finding it on your property is not a good thing. Dangerous plant life may not be something you read about every day, but there are ways that Knotweed could qualify as a dangerous plant. Is Japanese Knotweed dangerous? Let’s break it down…

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Japanese Knotweed indemnity insurance

Do I Require Indemnity Insurance?

As discussed in other blog articles, we all know the dangers of Japanese Knotweed and how destructive it can become for properties throughout the UK. It can damage buildings, foundations and any interest from mortgage lenders should the problem get out of control. Identifying this weed is no easy task. It is often mistaken for…

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Don’t Panic Over Knotweed

There is a lot of hysteria regarding Japanese Knotweed in the UK, how it affects your property and its continued spread as one of the biggest pests on our shores. Reports of growth through property walls and concrete, concern for structural damage and worry from the general public have made for sensational reading. What are…

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