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Don’t Panic Over Knotweed

There is a lot of hysteria regarding Japanese Knotweed in the UK, how it affects your property and its continued spread as one of the biggest pests on our shores. Reports of growth through property walls and concrete, concern for structural damage and worry from the general public have made for sensational reading.

What are the Reasons?

The first reason for concern is based on Japanese Knotweed being difficult and expensive to eradicate. Whilst tough and expensive to kill outright, it is possible to manage and control knotweed in order to remove it properly.

This course of action will cost you money and occasionally rely on cooperation from neighbouring landowners which may cause some practical problems. The second reason is the belief that Japanese Knotweed causes structural damage. That is extremely rare. Plus, there are reports that other hardy plants and trees cause more structural damage than Japanese Knotweed would.

The third reason is probably the most common – perception. The general perception of the plant and the belief that it affects their ability to get a mortgage. Many mortgage lenders will be cautious around properties that contain Japanese Knotweed infestation, affecting saleability and value to an extent.

However, there are signs that many mortgage lenders are softening as long as the proper control and management of knotweed is in effect.

Should We Panic?

Make no mistake; we understand how stressful it can be to discover the growth of Japanese Knotweed around your property. You can be assured that it is becoming more and more treatable as it is becoming commonplace.

Treatments have become more accessible, widespread and effective in gaining control over the invasive weed. It does not cause further damage to your property if you engage with a licensed contractor in Japanese knotweed removal in Manchester.

Larger surveying firms are already making representations to mortgage lenders and professional bodies to downgrade the hype and implement a more level-headed approach.

The Numbers

Improved transport systems, soil movement and railways have contributed to the mass spread throughout the UK, with reports that you are never more than half a mile away from knotweed at any one time. It is estimated that 10% of the UK’s rivers are contaminated, with the cost to eradicate the amount of knotweed across the nation is at £1.6bn. In 2012, removing Japanese Knotweed from the Olympic Park site for the 2012 Olympics cost the UK £70m.

If you have concerns regarding Japanese Knotweed on your property, it is advisable to have a Japanese knotweed survey performed by our licensed knotweed treatment Manchester team.

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