Have a question? Take a look at some of our client’s frequently asked questions.

Clients Questions

A Knotweed management plan and 5-year treatment plan or programme are the same thing. They are worded differently by different parties but ultimately they are all referring to a Knotweed Management Plan.

No, you are free to move as soon as the treatment plan with Insurance Backed Guarnatee is implemented. Once instructed, we are able to complete a treatment within a few days. This will satisfy your lender and leave you free to move on with your life! The Management Plan is also transferrable. This is free of charge, but we do require the new owner’s details for future treatments.

You can send us a picture via email or WhatsApp and we will be able to identify the plant for you. This is free of charge. We are also on hand to offer free advice over the phone. Japanese Knotweed can seem scary but we can put your mind at ease.

The chemicals we use dry within an hour. They are also approved for use in and around water. As a precaution, when spraying we would advise you to keep your pets inside for an hour or so. Stem injection is our preferred method as the chemical goes directly into the stem of the plant and therefore mitigates any drift of spray.

We know time is of the essence and endeavour to visit for our initial site survey within 24 hours. Once we have visited our reports are usually sent out the next day at the latest.

An Insurance Backed Guarantee is usually insisted on by mortgage lenders. If the company you instructed was to cease trading, the Insurance Backed Guarantee would ensure a suitable contractor would continue with the treatments and see the contract through to completion. The cost for this policy is around £200-£250.

In the Pre-Contract Enquiry form (TA6 Form) it specifically asks if the property is affected by Japanese Knotweed. You should always disclose that Japanese Knotweed has been present. The question will then follow on to ask whether a management plan has been put in place. Providing the management plan has been undertaken by a reputable contractor this should be deemed acceptable.

When treating Japanese Knotweed, we prefer to start the treatment on a fully healthy plant. Don’t worry if you have had attempted treatment, it may just take a little longer to get it under control.