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Japanese Knotweed is Not the End

We are witnessing a mass invasion of Japanese knotweed across the United Kingdom that is affecting close to a million households. As the months are rolling forward, many more people are beginning to become better informed as to how to identify this specific weed, deal with it effectively and preserve their property value for when they decide to sell.

With the property market switching from a seller’s to a buyer’s market, there is a greater risk of price reduction. If homeowners fail to tackle Japanese knotweed correctly straightaway, the value reduction is destined to become a factor.

Instructing a Professional

If you have a knotweed infestation growing in and under your back garden, you will have considerable difficulty selling your home for or above the asking price – even if you are upfront and honest about it.

Before taking your home to market, it is advisable that you instruct a qualified knotweed removal firm Manchester to carry out a professional survey and take action in treating and eradicating the plant.

Making sure that you have a professional management plan in place, as well as an insurance-backed guarantee to reassure any buyers, will help you to keep the selling price firmly at what you set it to be – without knotweed pulling the numbers down.

Advisory Notes to Take Onboard

Japanese knotweed is so widespread throughout the UK to become documented as a national menace to property and the environment. Not only can it cause significant damage to property, but it can also kill off other forms of plant life.

When treated with the appropriate methods provided by a qualified Japanese knotweed eradication professional, you should not find yourself forced to reduce the price of your home significantly. With treatment underway, you can reassure buyers that you are not beaten down in value thanks to having everything under control.

In the majority of early identification cases, the property value can be preserved if you follow the important steps. The first is to commission a Japanese knotweed survey immediately to assess the extent of the spread. From there you need to put a professional treatment plan in place with a Japanese knotweed treatment Manchester professional before putting the home on the market.

Do not try and handle this knotweed invasion by yourself, as it is unlikely to succeed and will make professional treatment following very difficult. Insist on an IBG (Insurance-Backed Guarantee) for the work, protecting yourself and the lender.

For more information on tackling a Japanese knotweed infestation on your property, contact the team at Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today.