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Will Returning Warmth Affect Japanese Knotweed

With the return of warmer weather on the horizon and sunnier days already starting to signal the arrival of Spring, Japanese Knotweed growth will begin at an alarming rate. However, don’t be easily fooled because the plant does not seem to be moving – it is growing just as rapidly under the ground as above.

Preventive Measures

Many people tend to believe a heatwave in the UK would discourage a knotweed invasion from continually growing stronger – or it would simply die – and you can forgive yourself for believing in that. Japanese Knotweed will only slow when the weather is radically cooled, so what does that mean for eradication of it?

For starters, Japanese Knotweed that grows in a residential garden is usually treated by professional herbicide application, sprayed so that it can drink it into the roots system and poison itself from the inside out. With the weather on the warmer side until October, there are real concerns of your infestation growing bigger and stronger – and action would need to be taken now rather than later.


With your Knotweed infestation in a state of hibernation in colder temperatures, the sense of urgency has not been as pressing for the last six months. However, now is the ideal time to act and call in professionals in Japanese Knotweed removal Stockport so that preventive measures are in effect during the warmer and hotter months.

Some people will point to immediate excavation – but excavation can only occur once the invasive weed has undertaken excessive treatment to prevent its growth. Japanese Knotweed can grow up to 8 metres during the summer months alone.

Excavation involves removing the Knotweed from the site and disposing of it in a licenced landfill centre, not any old rubbish tip. Now, excavation is costly as a measure and typically conducted for more commercial development sites that have a larger invasive threat. Most homeowners will continue Japanese Knotweed treatment throughout the year until the weather cools off.

Worry Over Knotweed

It is illegal to grow Knotweed and allow its spread, so you protect yourself and your property from neglect and prevent it from spreading to neighbouring properties and land.

Knotweed also significantly devalues your home and land. Buyers – most of the time – want to knock a considerable amount off asking prices due to the invasion levels and associated costs of this specific weed. It can also deter buyers and mortgage providers – so it is in your best interests to tackle this threat before it gets out of control and hire experts in Japanese Knotweed removal Manchester.

Don’t believe that weeds will take it easy during the warmer months. What grows on top is nothing compared to what grows below with Japanese Knotweed.

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