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Do I Require Indemnity Insurance?

As discussed in other blog articles, we all know the dangers of Japanese Knotweed and how destructive it can become for properties throughout the UK. It can damage buildings, foundations and any interest from mortgage lenders should the problem get out of control.

Identifying this weed is no easy task. It is often mistaken for bamboo shoots, whilst the leaves are similar to other species of plants – such as dogwood. When it grows throughout your property, steps are required to remove or control it quickly. The fact that it can land you in legal trouble if it spreads around your neighbourhood or to wild areas is motion enough to not dilly-dally on it.

If Japanese Knotweed has damaged your property, you may find it’s not covered by your home insurance. If so, you may require Japanese Knotweed indemnity insurance as an additional protective layer.

What is Indemnity Insurance?

Most insurance policies will not cover any costs around Japanese Knotweed – with the potential exception of legal expenses cover. If you are buying a property and concerned about knotweed, you should look at Japanese Knotweed indemnity insurance.

An indemnity policy will cover the cost of a full Japanese knotweed survey and any treatment and excavation work. It is likely that it will cover any damage to property and restoration costs, as well as legal expenses incurred from claims made against you.

An insurance-backed guarantee additionally offers a low-cost, long-term insurance policy alongside the Japanese Knotweed removal company guarantee. That means that any regrowth is treated free of charge during a guaranteed period.

All banks and mortgage lenders require a treatment programme and insurance-backed guarantee on any property infested with knotweed before any lending is permitted. That makes an insurance-backed guarantee essential for homeowners with invasive plants growing around their property.

What if I Find Knotweed On My Property?

The safest and best course of action is to hire a specialist in Japanese Knotweed removal Manchester to eradicate the plant or devise a knotweed management plan for treatment and control.

Doing any work yourself can incur costs that run into the thousands and won’t ensure that the weed is under control, returning to your land with an even more relentless growth below the ground. For the right help in getting rid of Japanese Knotweed on your property, always consult a professionally certified expert.

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