Japanese Knotweed Removal In Cheadle And The Northwest

If you suspect your property has a Japanese Knotweed infestation, you need an immediate investigation and action to ensure you do not fall into legal and financial hardship. Under provisions of Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is an offence for allowing Japanese Knotweed to grow in the wild.

A Japanese Knotweed growth needs to be disclosed as present on your property when you want to sell it, and our services in control and management provide swift identification and reporting that helps prevent larger costs, potential compensation claims against you and even prosecution.


Our highly professional services include the provision of survey and management plans, herbicide treatments, excavation and ongoing monitoring of your infestation to ensure you and your property are safe.

Every job we conduct requires its own care or removal strategy, with herbicidal treatment being an effective eradication method taking 4 years to fully complete provided there are no plans to develop over the affected area. We also offer full excavation service for Japanese Knotweed removal. We can report on the risk for mortgage purposes with suggested treatment plans and offer insurance-backed guarantees where required.

Call Us With Your Japanese Knotweed Concerns

Don’t leave something as serious as Japanese Knotweed in the hands of the less-than-qualified. Call on genuine Solutions for Japanese Knotweed for help and advice based on individual requirements and born from extensive professional skill and experience.

For successful removal and control of Japanese Knotweed on residential property in the Cheadle area – including identification, surveying, treatment and legal disposal – trust a professional and keep your legal obligations for control safe.

For Japanese Knotweed removal in Cheadle, call our professional, courteous and understanding staff today and feel assured that your problem is being taken care of the right way.