We are S4JK

Here at Solutions 4 Japanese Knotweed, we are a Japanese Knotweed removal company with a wealth of experience in all types of work concerning invasive non-native plants. We cover Japanese Knotweed removal, eradication, reports, Japanese Knotweed management plans, Himalayan Balsam removal, Giant Hogweed, Buddleja removal and many more.

On all remedial works, we offer a PCA-approved 10-year guarantee so you can be assured Japanese Knotweed is no longer an issue to you once one of our 5-year management plans is agreed upon.

We offer a 24 hour survey/report service to all commercial and residential clients as we know time is of the essence!

Here is the procedure in simple terms:

  1. Provide S4JK with relevant information and photos, if possible
  2. S4JK will call round within 24 hours of contact and survey the site
  3. We will provide a detailed report of the site and the best remedial options available along with a quotation page
  4. Once our treatment plan is accepted a warranty contract is issued and treatment starts
  5. You will have peace of mind and can leave the rest to us. Further reports will be issued and included in the agreed management plan

Solutions 4 Japanese Knotweed (S4JK), are a Japanese Knotweed removal company that only employ experienced Certified Surveyors of Japanese Knotweed (CSJK) to carry out our site surveys and highly trained technicians to carry out our treatments. The team have NPTC, PA1, PA6 and PA6AW qualifications for spraying Japanese Knotweed with herbicide, and also PA6 (INJ) for stem injecting, where spraying cannot be carried out.

All our mechanical excavation work is carried out by licensed professionals and comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

We work with clients, from identification of the problem to the solution and the after-care. Japanese Knotweed has an invasive root system, also known as a Rhizome, which is active all year round even though the stems above the ground die back in the winter. It has incredibly strong growth and can damage concrete foundations, buildings, paving and retaining walls, so it is crucial that remedial help is sought quickly so as to prevent further damage and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send us a photo or we will arrange to site visit to assess.

We will be able to tell as soon as we have done a site survey. The appearance of Japanese Knotweed is different throughout the season, but our experience allows us to identify it.

We would generally use Glyphosate which is the safest herbicide to use.

It is usually dry within one hour and once dried it is safe for animals/humans/all other wildlife/insects.

We would always recommend a 5-year programme, as there need to be at least 2 years free from any sign of regrowth and this absolutely guarantees that particular infestation has been successfully eradicated. We do offer shorter plans than this but they would not be covered by a guarantee. We offer shorter services and allow the customer to call us back when required.

Just make sure that as much information as possible is given at the initial assessment with regard to previous growths/treatments, even if it wasn’t a proven method! Make sure the area is left undisturbed whilst the programme is in place and maybe liaise with neighbours if there is any Knotweed present on their land.

This would depend on the level of infestation and the distance from the job, as there are several visits involved in eradicating the problem.