The Northwest’s Most-Trusted Experts in Invasive Plant Treatment

Solutions for Japanese Knotweed is an expert removal and treatment service for invasive plant life throughout the Manchester area. Our trained specialists cover the entire region providing knotweed treatment services and a 100% removal guarantee.

Not all methods of eradication are correct for every site, resulting in our expert team conducting a full review to provide the ideal form of treatment and removal for your property. We offer competitive prices for no less than professional and highly skilled service, based on the size of the infestation and the duration of time it has been growing. If you feel you have a Japanese Knotweed infestation starting to affect your land, contact us today.

Services We Bring

Solutions for Japanese Knotweed provide various eradication methods based on vast experience in handling residential, commercial and industrial infestations. It is due to our success in the safe and professional removal of Japanese Knotweed in these sectors that we can offer a 100% success guarantee.

Our specialist team will visit you at home or your worksite, identify the level of knotweed infestation and provide a report with the best cost-effective ways to handle the problem. We provide herbicidal treatment and full removal/excavation services to ensure your property is safe and the infestation is contained from crossing any boundary that can bring legal ramifications.

Contact Our Team

Solutions for Japanese Knotweed is Manchester’s leading provider in the identification, control and eradication of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive plant life. We provide full consultation and contractor works for domestic and commercial sites and provide the most effective treatment plans following industry guidelines.

We invest heavily in the continued training of every employee so that every job has highly skilled and professional workers and leave nothing to chance. Contact the team at Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today for Japanese Knotweed removal in Manchester, and knotweed infestation projects.