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Solutions for Japanese Knotweed are the Northwest’s most-experienced providers of service towards Japanese Knotweed removal in Stockport. Our expert team of surveyors will assess all areas of concern and provide advice and guidance on the most cost-effective solutions to tackle this growing threat to property.

Our eradication programmes are designed to ensure commercial developments can proceed and residential properties can be sold or mortgaged, with our team providing personal and practical solutions towards any size infestation.


A Japanese Knotweed infestation spreads quickly and can damage your home or business. In Stockport, commercial property owners with Japanese Knotweed infestations can suffer major delays in removal projects, which is where our team can help.

Our experienced team conducts detailed Japanese knotweed surveys to determine the level of infestation, providing a quote and management plan that fully details the problem and treatment options. Our team has vast experience in tackling various-sized knotweed infestations in several settings, each requiring different tactics for removal. From pulling up roots or using herbicides to eliminate them, we work to your requirements to ensure that your problem is under your control.

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Solutions for Japanese Knotweed are committed to making a positive difference throughout every service we offer throughout the Stockport area and the Northwest. We operate on a commitment to our customers, staff, the environment and our company values.

Japanese Knotweed is a threat that can seriously damage your home or business, as well as neighbouring homes and businesses that fall victim to wider-spread infestation. We work with every client to keep their Knotweed problem under control until it can be fully eliminated from the area. Our professional and experienced team are on hand to provide the highest-quality service in the control and removal of any size Japanese Knotweed growth.

For Japanese Knotweed removal Stockport, contact our team today to begin gaining control of your problem with Knotweed.