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Knotweed and the Risk to New Build Homebuying

What you may not hear a lot about is that buyers of new build properties are exposed to greater levels of Japanese Knotweed risks than those buying second-hand homes. Residential developers are not required to disclose whether a property is affected by invasive plants unless directly asked.

Second-Hand Sellers

Second-hand sellers are required to complete the standard TA6 Law Society Property Information Form within their conveyancing process, directly addressing whether the property is affected by Knotweed.

If a seller provides false information, the buyer has a misrepresentation claim to recover costs in Japanese Knotweed removal and any resulting drop in property value. This does not make it feel any solace about living with Japanese Knotweed growth when buying a house, it will need to be treated and contained until it can be safely removed.

Improper removal without contacting a specialist in Japanese knotweed removal company is a very dangerous process, as it is an infestation that requires professional eradication. If it has not shown to be properly under control, it needs to be before it becomes a persistent problem in the area.

Residential Developers

When it comes to residential developers, these parties are not required to complete a TA6 form. It falls within every buyer’s best interests to establish whether the land of a new build property has been treated for Japanese Knotweed before or during construction.

Developers are known to clear large brownfield sites where Japanese Knotweed is known to silently grow rife. Unless their solicitor asks the question as part of additional enquiries, many potential buyers have no idea about the condition of the land and its exposure to Japanese Knotweed infestation – as well as other invasive plants.

They will also not be informed regarding any professional treatment with the benefit of an insurance-backed guarantee.

Professional Service

Japanese Knotweed is a majorly problematic infestation that can cause untold damage to your property and cause a lot of problems for neighbouring property – leaving you legally liable.

Japanese Knotweed needs to be treated to stop its growth over time before being fully removed, via chemical use that is specialist and not able to be simply purchased over a counter. It requires a professional with solutions for Japanese Knotweed and a qualified hand to conduct it.

Contact our team at Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today to explore Japanese Knotweed risks to your property before things get too costly.