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How To Kill Off Japanese Knotweed

There are various ways of killing Japanese Knotweed on your property. The big issue you face is how extensive your infestation of knotweed dominates your property – not just above the ground, but underneath as well.

One popular method is the application of special chemical treatments. Although effective, it can be time-consuming and expensive as a solution. Another option is to burn the weeds in a controlled way to ensure everyone nearby is safe. A third option comes in fully excavating the root and disposing of it. Each method requires a professional to ensure that the treatments are carried out successfully and leave no trace of the invasive weed behind to continue growth.


If you are thinking of having knotweed growth around your property eradicated, it should be as soon as possible. You will need to do some research into the correct Japanese Knotweed herbicide treatment that are offered.

Specialist treatments are vital in making sure the weed is effectively removed. These require the services of a licensed Japanese Knotweed removal company, able to answer all questions and concerns. A specialist in this area will also be able to give awareness of contaminated soil where the knotweed can likely grow back.

Barriers can also be set up to prevent the knotweed from stretching to other areas – including neighbouring property to protect you from liability cases.

Cost of Eradication

Eradication costs naturally will differ depending on the size of the problem. Typically costs can elevate anywhere from £1,750 to £7,000 – but without an examination and survey of the property and grounds to determine the severity and the requirement for either treatment or excavation, it is impossible to accurately calculate.

The more knotweed you have on the grounds, the more costly it becomes to eradicate. If the weeds have been growing for years to decades, you will find it more expensive due to its vast quantity and offshoots. Once removal has been completed, you may additionally require repair to your grounds and property that have been directly caused by Japanese Knotweed.

Permanently Killing Knotweed

For complete eradication of glyphosate-treated knotweed, the root needs to be fully excavated which is a difficult process. The root system of knotweed is a notoriously tough pest to remove, meaning you need expert hands in both treating and eradicating the weed before removing the base of the infestation.

Using expert Japanese Knotweed removal Manchester contractors ensure that the weeds do not grow back, leaving your home in good condition and not affected by the unwanted plant growth threatening it.

Contact Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today to discuss the steps for killing Japanese Knotweed that is invading your property..