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Japanese Knotweed and a Neighbours Garden: The Legalities

If you notice that your neighbour’s garden or property has a Japanese Knotweed growth, you would be right to have concern about its spread to your property. Your neighbour will have a legal obligation to keep it under control, but it is essential to know how the laws and legal obligations place in such a situation.

The laws on Japanese knotweed will differ depending on the area in which you live in the UK. If your neighbour has Japanese Knotweed growth, they have no legal obligation to remove it from their property. However, if that growth encroachs upon your property, it is a private nuisance that would open them up to court action.

Helping Identify the Issue

Japanese knotweed should be identified and treated at its earliest stages, resulting in faster resolution and being cost-effective. There is a good chance that your neighbour has not identified the growth as knotweed and is unaware of the trouble it is causing. If you see what looks like knotweed on your neighbour’s property, alert them of the damage that it causes to the property and the environment.

Don’t go the route of legal action without them knowing of the issue, as they may be unaware. If they are reluctant, explain the damage it can lead to and ask them to independently research. Most neighbours would feel encouraged to act.

Rapid Spread

Japanese knotweed is compared to an iceberg because it can spread several metres underground. That means that it has the potential to reach neighbouring properties easily.

If your neighbour takes no action, or there is no one living on the property at the time, there are steps you can take to get a resolution. If damage is already in effect to your property, your insurance company may be able to help as well as offer legal advice. Failing that, your solicitor and a Japanese knotweed expert will be able to assist in a solution.

Steps With a Specialist

For a Japanese knotweed survey Manchester, our first act would be to carry out a Survey and Management Plan, containing all the relevant information required to either treat the invasive weed or excavate it.

It is essential to identify and treat knotweed at the early stages to save ample time and expenses in keeping it under control. Contact the friendly team at Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today for Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment.