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Ineffective Knotweed Treatment

Japanese Knotweed is every homeowner’s nightmare, building a strong underground rooting whilst causing costly damage and value loss to their home. It also can spread to neighbouring property which makes the homeowner with it growing liable in court for any damage to the neighbour’s property. Japanese knotweed is among the UK’s most destructive and invasive plants, able to grow up o 10 cm every day. With that kind of uncontrollable growth, getting rid of it can be a challenge. You cannot simply pull it up, it needs special knotweed treatment from a contractor in Japanese Knotweed removal Stockport.

Many ways prove ineffective in the removal of Japanese Knotweed, and you need to know them before you decide to try and handle it yourself.

Single Herbicide Treatment

Japanese Knotweed is the most persistent weed dominating the UK at this time. If unidentified and left to grow, it can rapidly get out of control. Naturally, this means that it needs to be treated regularly before it can be removed to prevent that growth.

Single herbicide treatment cannot solve the problem. It will require treatment over the long term with the right herbicide by a professional company. This treatment can take around 10 visits using herbicide treatment that is not available over the counter or can be ordered by any individual online. Only a licenced professional will have access to this specialist chemical.

Time of the Year

You have to take into account the time of year for Japanese knotweed removal. The best time of the year to conduct treatment is during the period between August and October.

The summer and autumn months see the weed turn its attention to moving sugars and nutrients to its roots and the rhizome. It does this so that it can survive the winter period, switching from a focus on growth to one on survival. This makes the end of the summer months the best time to begin the treatment.


Planning to fully dig out the invasive weed will prove to be difficult as some parts of the root will grow back up if you miss them.

Offshoots can still grow when separated from the main root, and even the smallest offshoot can grow to be a big problem when you believe they are already gone. After digging up Knotweed, you cannot simply dispose of it like your traditional garden waste in a green bin for the binmen to take either. It is illegal to dispose of it any other way than by an accredited professional as it may still be alive and spread wherever it is dumped.

Call Professionals

Do not attempt a DIY knotweed treatment or removal of Japanese Knotweed, always call upon the services of an accredited professional firm. Contact the team at Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today for professional Japanese Knotweed removal Manchester.