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My Neighbour Has a Knotweed Infestation!

It may sound like some bad sci-fi movie title from the 1950s, but Japanese knotweed growing in your neighbour’s Garden is no fantasy movie! It is a very serious and costly problem to have. If you believe that your neighbour has Japanese Knotweed growing, don’t panic! It may not have spread to your garden yet.

The Law of Knotweed

A big concern you will have will be your legal obligations – even if it is your neighbour with the problem. The law on Japanese knotweed does differ depending on your location in the UK. That applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If your neighbour has Knotweed on their property, they are under no legal obligation to have it removed. However, if it begins to encroach upon your property, they are causing a private nuisance and would be open for court action to be taken against them.

It is best to identify and treat Japanese knotweed as soon as possible for faster resolution and lower overall costs. In most cases, your neighbour may not have identified the plant as knotweed or be aware of the trouble it is silently causing both of your properties. If you strongly believe that your neighbour has knotweed and is unaware, you should alert them first and foremost and warn them of the serious damage to property and the environment stemming from their garden.

Don’t Be Hasty

Don’t jump the gun and take legal action against them without letting them know what the issue is. They may already be seeking treatment for the invasion and talking with a professional Japanese Knotweed removal company – or be unaware if it has reached your property.

If they are reluctant, explain the damage and legal action that they face if they do not seek out Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment specialists themselves. That should encourage them to take appropriate action for Japanese Knotweed excavation.

How Fast Knotweed Spreads

Japanese knotweed roots can spread for several metres underground, which means that the chances of it reaching your property from your neighbours are very high.

If your neighbour is being negligent and ignoring all advice and steps to take, there are steps you can take to get a resolution. If damage has already been done to your property as a result, your insurance company may be able to help and they can also offer legal advice. Failing that, a solicitor and an invasive garden weeds specialist will be able to offer solutions.

The best step is to advise your neighbour to have a Survey and Management Plan carried out by qualified Japanese knotweed surveyors. Have them contact the team at Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today to be on the knowledgeable side.