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Herbicide Treatment

What is Herbicide Treatment?

In-situ herbicide treatment is the most cost-effective way of treating of Japanese Knotweed. This is primarily used in areas that can be left undisturbed during the treatment.

The control methods used will vary from site to site, however for a smaller infestation within a garden, we would typically use the stem injection method as this does not affect other wildlife/shrubbery and can achieve fantastic results, quickly!

The chemical is delivered directly into the plant’s stem meaning that the solution is delivered straight to the plant’s rhizome system.

Using the stem injection method, we see excellent results and have seen up to a 98% reduction in stems from a single treatment. This level of success is credited to our knowledge of correct treatment timings, and the precise dosage of chemicals and equipment used.

Foliar application of herbicide is used for larger areas where stem injection would not be viable. Through spraying the plant, we would expect to see a 30-50% reduction after the first year of treatment. Therefore stem injection is our preferred method of application if at all possible.

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Excavation is a permanent removal option which involves digging the plant and rhizome (root system) out from the ground

Expert Identification

Our specialists can help you identify Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants.

Expert Witness Report Writing

Our experts have a vast amount of experience in writing Civil Procedure Rulings Part 35 (CPR)


Site surveys (site surveys are free when we have confirmed Japanese Knotweed through photo identification)

Knotweed Management Plan (KMP)

A Japanese Knotweed management plan is usually essential when buying or selling a property with Japanese Knotweed