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Japanese knotweed excavation

Why use Japanese Knotweed excavation?

Whilst the initial cost is more expensive, the results are instant as the plant is fully removed. We are able to offer this service to both residential and commercial clients. Small-scale Japanese Knotweed excavation on residential properties is perfect for clients that are looking for immediate removal and to reduce the use of herbicides.

Excavation is a permanent removal option which involves digging the plant and rhizome (root system) out from the ground. The waste is then removed to a licensed landfill by our specialist technicians

All of our excavation methods are backed by our 10-year company warranty and can also be backed by an Insurance Backed Guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Each site is measured on its own requirements. The method of excavation/removal will depend on factors such as onsite access, proposed development plans and timescales.

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Japanese knotweed excavation

What are the commercial removal options?

Full excavation/removal to Licensed Landfill

This method provides complete removal and instant results. This could be perfect for a development site where there is not sufficient room to treat in-situ. S4JK work to reduce the amount of waste which keeps costs down for our clients as much as possible.

Site permitting, we will use a mechanical screener which separates the soil from the rhizome (Japanese Knotweed roots). The use of the screener brings the cost down as ultimately less weight will be transferred to the landfill and the weight will be rhizome only.

Root Barrier Membrane

Root barrier membrane can be used in conjunction with other excavation methods. This is primarily used to stop further encroachment from neighbouring land. We offer this service to both our residential and commercial clients.

Relocation of Excavated Matter

If there is sufficient space on the site, it may be possible to relocate Japanese Knotweed spoil from one location to another. Once positioned out of the way of development works, the plant can be treated in-situ with herbicide. This brings the costs down for our clients as no waste is transported to landfill.

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Other Services

Herbicide Treatment

In-situ herbicide treatment is the most cost-effective way of treating of Japanese Knotweed

Expert Identification

Our specialists can help you identify Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants.

Expert Witness Report Writing

Our experts have a vast amount of experience in writing Civil Procedure Rulings Part 35 (CPR)


Site surveys (site surveys are free when we have confirmed Japanese Knotweed through photo identification)

Knotweed Management Plan (KMP)

A Japanese Knotweed management plan is usually essential when buying or selling a property with Japanese Knotweed