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Expert Witness Report Writing

Japanese knotweed report

Our Expert Witness Japanese Knotweed Report

In 2017, a case was brought against Network Rail by two homeowners (Mr Williams and Mr Waistell). The original case was lost but on appeal to the High Court, the Claimants received compensation for Japanese Knotweed Rhizome encroachment and loss of amenity land.

We complete expert witness Japanese Knotweed report services for many law firms.

Our experts have a vast amount of experience in writing Civil Procedure Rulings Part 35 (CPR) compliant reports which are used in legal cases.

Having received formal training in giving evidence both verbally and written we pride ourselves on providing an impartial opinion on all Japanese Knotweed matters.

As members of the highly regarded Academy of Experts, we are up to date with the latest information regarding legal cases.

We have worked on around 150 Expert Witness cases in which cases are already being settled. We pride ourselves on being the eyes and ears of a court and helping the court understand the cause and extent of the problem.

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Other Services

Herbicide Treatment

In-situ herbicide treatment is the most cost-effective way of treating of Japanese Knotweed


Excavation is a permanent removal option which involves digging the plant and rhizome (root system) out from the ground

Expert Identification

Our specialists can help you identify Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants.


Site surveys (site surveys are free when we have confirmed Japanese Knotweed through photo identification)

Knotweed Management Plan (KMP)

A Japanese Knotweed management plan is usually essential when buying or selling a property with Japanese Knotweed