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Telling Signs of Japanese Knotweed

With spring fully in effect and plant life starting to grow and bloom, the continued growth of Japanese Knotweed plants is once again becoming the aggressive UK weed set to grow in large numbers across the nation. Spring and summer both become the most aggressive growing cycle for this invasive pest, with the summer months being the most noticeable. During the spring months, it is advisable to have a look around your grounds to make sure the earliest signs of Japanese Knotweed are not starting to grow.

If you suspect Knotweed is growing on your property, but are not 100% certain, it is recommended to talk with a Japanese Knotweed removal Manchester company to identify and suggest suitable action.

Identifying Japanese Knotweed

There are a few common signs that your property is experiencing a surge in Japanese Knotweed infestation. The specific signs that can qualify your property as a breeding ground during the spring months come in the form of purple or red shoots that emerge and quickly bear leaves.

The leaves can show as heart-shaped with green leaves with a reddish vein. These love-heart-shaped leaves can grow up to 20cm in length and, during the summertime, will showcase clusters of pretty white flowers that are creamy white visually. The stems of Japanese Knotweed plants showcase as speckled with purple flecks, with mature stems easily mistaken as bamboo shoots. As the winter months start to dawn, these stems become dry and brittle to the touch.

The inside of the brown Japanese Knotweed roots appear orange and these will be the hardest rhizome shoots to eradicate. To make matters worse, many plants look extremely similar to Japanese Knotweed and you may need help in identifying if they are the destructive weed or something other.

Talk With Experts

If you suspect that what you have identified is Japanese Knotweed, it is imperative that you contact a licenced treatment specialist and not attempt to remove it yourself. That could prove even more damaging to your property and result in various offshoots which can inflict damage on neighbouring property.

Excavation of Knotweed can only be performed following extensive eradication treatment to ensure that the weed is killed off and no longer a threat to your grounds. This involves the use of specialist herbicide treatment by a professional Japanese Knotweed removal company.

Contact the expert team at Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today if you have early signs of Japanese Knotweed at your home or business.