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Where Would I Discover Japanese Knotweed?

Where is Japanese Knotweed found? – Japanese Knotweed has one of the most notorious reputations and spotting it growing around your property is a huge worry towards damage or devaluing your home.

An estimated 4-5% of properties throughout the UK are affected by the invasive plant, especially around industrial and city areas. It takes only a 1cm fragment able to sprout growth anywhere.

If you are concerned about Japanese knotweed and want to find out where it could be growing around your property, then read on!

Where It Grows

As one of the most invasive plant species currently overtaking the UK, Knotweed found its roots in Eastern Asia around volcanic areas and was brought to the UK shores during the Victorian era.

Originally an ornamental plant used to feed cattle, it became wider spread when other wildlife would not eat the plant and would find no natural predatory species to limit its growth on our shores. Knotweed was placed alongside because of its quick growth, but unknowingly it would soon cause more harm than good with high levels of infestation throughout major UK cities.

Where is Japanese Knotweed found? Today, Japanese Knotweed is identifiable along roadsides, railway embankments, waste grounds and rivers/streams.

How It Spreads

Japanese Knotweed can spread in many different ways, requiring professional Japanese knotweed removal to safely control its infestation.

One theory for the wide spread of this plant across the UK is a result of mining, with movement allowing it to spread across the nation whilst also laying dormant for upwards of 20 years before suddenly regrowing. Whilst Knotweed does not have any legal requirement for removal when found on a property, it is highly recommended due to how damaging it can be to your grounds and home.

Stopping Knotweed

You do have an obligation towards Japanese Knotweed when it comes to reaching neighbour property and land, leading to you being prosecuted if it is left untreated or removed.

When Japanese knotweed has been identified, it is highly advised that the help of a professional Japanese knotweed removal company be brought in. Removal techniques can include chemical control or digging of the plant. Chemical-based weed-killing agents will be injected into the weed and cut stems, or removal of the plant via the root. Removal can take several years to take effect, with new leaf buds constantly removed as and when discovered.

Contact Solutions for Japanese Knotweed today to help with any concerns about Knotweed treatment or removal in your area.